As one of the leading suppliers of dresses and accessories online, our products are very popular all over the
the scientist. Each of our products is manufactured strictly according to the pictures and with high quality. The final products will undergo a series of processes
examination before it is sent to you. You can rest assured of that.

Our products
We offer multiple charming solutions to our beauty

Step 1 - Designing the dress The perfect fit takes designers at least a week to constantly adjust. Initial contact is a very important step to avoid wasting valuable time.

Step 2 - Choosing Fabrics and Embroidery We have a lot of fabrics and embellishments in stock, and they are elegant and high quality. These important details determine the quality of the dresses. Many factories produce dresses with cheap materials. This is why you see some incredibly low priced dresses from online stores, and some wedding dresses under $100. We do not sell cheap quality dresses in Zapakasa.

Step 3 - Making the panels As we all know, the perfect dresses should look attractive in the shop window. It should also be comfortable for you, and your body shows perfection. Therefore, an experienced seamstress plays a very important role in sewing.

Step 4 - Starting the cut is another important step in making a wedding dress. Different fabrics have different sewing techniques. It's work that takes time. Zapakasa Tailors are committed to providing their clients with their best work, and after ensuring that all previous details are perfect, we will begin tailoring a plain dress. We call those dresses that have no frills plain dress.

Step 5 - Sewing the Embellishment Our designers handcraft the embellishment of the dress according to the design of the dress. It requires patience and precision, especially for some small but intricate designed motifs.

STEP 6 - QUALITY CONTROL When the final sewing step is over, the staff at each step will undergo a quality check of their work area. Zapakasa is committed to providing customers only eligible products. Shop with Zapakasa, we are committed to making your day more perfect!

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